Sunday, April 10, 2011

What's New This Week?

It has been a tough but educational past week as we migrated our server code to handle the new load. Long story short, things are finally starting to stabilize as we iron out bugs, so thanks for sticking it out.


  • Added a Voting option!
  • You can now enable a 'Skip' button (see [Settings] in your rooms)
  • You can use this button to vote and skip videos!

  • Added tooltips to buttons
  • Many bug fixes

  • Easier way for large rooms to manage playlists
  • Ideas for creative ways to reduce trolling

  • Yaridovich & Filly rooms for the many bug reports
  • animu room for testing vote when it was beta last week
  • Thanks to all for reporting "Error 16". We are looking into it.

On a side note I wanted to thank you for writing feedback and e-mails. We read them all, but may not reply to all of them. Keep in mind we are a two person team that handles everything from coding new features, to design, to maintenance, and so on. :)


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Growth Help

Hi all.

As synchtube continues to grow, we start to tread into unknown web space.

Synchtube is one of the first of its kind to implement such an instant technology stack that lets you watch videos in real-time down to the second.

That being said, I know as much as you do about the future of our technology -- we are in brand new web space. I hear rumors of synchtube crashing sometimes, but unfortunately I am not there to see it. I visit often, and use the service, but sometimes these problems only show themselves when hundreds of people connect at once.

It would be of great help, when synchtube crashes (god forbid) and you think you notice a pattern with it crashing PLEASE post it here so I can fix it.

Thanks again!