Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Google Analytics Integration Tutorial

Google Analytics is a tracking tool by Google that lets you track visitors, pageviews, see how long people stay, and all kinds of cool information. Now you can use it with synchtube TV! Here is a short guide on how to set it up.

1. First go to Google Analytics and create an account

2. Login to your Analytics and add a "New Account"

3. A creation wizard will begin. Put the URL of your synchtube TV station here. Mine is

4. Click through the next two steps where they ask for Contact Information, then the User Agreement

5. The final step they will give you code to copy and paste on your website. We only want a part of this code -- the ID of the account you just created. This ID can be found here. It begins with a "UA-" and is followed by numbers.

In this example the ID is

6. If for some reason you cannot find it. You can also locate this ID on the Analytics Overview page

7. Take this ID and head back to your "My TV" page in synchtube. Type it in the Google Analytics widget and click "Save"

8. Your ID is now saved. Tracking data should start sending within 24 hours of setup. You check your data at the Google Analytics website

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