Thursday, August 18, 2011

State of Synchtube

Just wanted to answer some common question about the state of synchtube the past few days and the new deployment.

1. Why didn't you test it first?

We tried to test it as best we can, but we simply don't have enough resources.

2. Why don't you have the resources?

Synchtube is a small company of two people. Believe it or not we don't make money off this, and we aren't a funded company. Realistically we might have to resolve the money problem as but right now we think building is the most important thing to be doing now.

3. No money? Why are you building it?

For the love of the game if you will. We think synchtube has the potential to really connect people, and we at least need to try.

4. Can you just go back to the old one?

We can't. The old one caused too many problems, but the most important being that the old code cannot scale. The old code prevented your friends from being able to join (the firewall error), and locked us into YouTube only. Now with the new code, we can support any media type, and everyone should be able to connect.

We need this new one. We all do.

5. What can we expect in the next few days?

The server will be going up and down as we stabilize the loose ends. We are also addressing some performance issues with lag in the client, so the client should improve as well.

6. Can I help?

If you'd like to help us progress faster, keep visiting and e-mail any bugs you find or leave a bug comment in the comments section below. These reports help a lot.


We put a lot of thought into the new server and code, so this should be the last major change for a long time. Trust me, we are as frustrated as you are with this deployment but you simply cannot plan for some of these things on our limited budget.

In the event you just want to know when it's all over, when the day comes that this new synchtube is officially stable (within a few days), I will send an e-mail out and announce it on our Twitter, and Facebook page so feel free to subscribe to either of those.

Thanks for bearing with us. We are working 24/7 to get this up and running smoothly as soon as possible. We are almost there.

TLDR; as someone once said, it gets worse before it gets better

Justin aka mrchess

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  1. if i join room with android device, it shows room for one second and then page loads and stays white